It's Rough Being an Alaskan

It's Rough Being an Alaskan
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Crazy for Chocolate Chip Cookies

The scent is buttery, sugary and the texture is chewy yet gooey. When you bite into it the chocolate slowly melts in your mouth, coating it with cocoa butter fat and brown sugar. You immediately long for a glass of cold water or perhaps 2% milk.  Sometimes you end up with chocolate coating your fingers and knuckles.  I really don't care what anyone thinks or says about the humble cookie but in my book it's "King" (or shall I say Queen?). Hands down the chocolate chip cookie is my favorite dessert that I could eat every day until the day I die.

Since it was Valentine's Day this past week our bakery has been hustling and bustling with loads of cookies, dessert bars, tortes, truffles and more. How about lemon vanilla shortbread, peanut butter double chocolate, pecan tea cake or an almond linzer cookie to try? If I saw another red velvet cupcake or raspberry passion fruit tart or chocolate cheesecake that day I might scream. So that's why when Rhonda, our baker, threw in the oven a batch of Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies for "Staff Consumption Only," I felt my heart melt with liquidy chocolate happiness.

The air became perfumed with the scent of Madagascar bourbon vanilla that we add in excessive tablespoons to our batter. There is a roasted caramel smell that Chocolate Chip Cookies give off while baking that you really can't recreate in any other dessert.

We waited with anticipation for the chime of her timer to go off. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Like people who had been trapped in the wilderness without food or water for 30 days, the dishwashers, cooks and servers fell on the Jumbo Cookies of Love stuffing them in their faces and then swishing it all down with milky coffee. One guy horded his in a napkin, hiding it on the corner of our staff table and would walk by repeatedly look both ways before breaking a piece off, and then munch contently. He really didn't want to share.

After that it really was the perfect Valentine's Day.

P.S. Here is our big trick to Chocolate Chip Cookies from Heaven: You MUST refrigerate the dough overnight before baking it. This changes the complete structure of the dough and is what gives the cookie shape, chewiness and that extra oomph.

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