It's Rough Being an Alaskan

It's Rough Being an Alaskan
King Crab stock with Kaffir Lime & Coriander for Thai Bisque

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Back to Blogging! Wow it's 2013

Dear Readers,

After a much prolonged absence, I have decided to start blogging again. Time has swept by during catering seasons and I missed sharing about our company. I am excited to blog new updates, recipes, photos and stories of Abby's Kitchen in Juneau, Alaska.

Our company has grown in the past few years and we are celebrating our Fifth Year Anniversary! I can't imagine doing anything else than cooking and serving to the community of Juneau. It's the best feeling to put your heart and love for the craft in the shape of food and watch it make people happy.

February is one of our busiest months and we are bustling around Juneau in our catering vans serving the community with a bevy of conferences, private parties, receptions and more. Last night we were honored to provide treats at the Governor's Mansion including Fresh Mint Watermelon Kebabs, Taku Smokery Lox Canapes with dill and citrus, Thai Coconut Peanut Satay, Alaskan Smoked Porter BBQ Riblets, French Boozy Truffles and all sorts of delicious goodies. Uh oh, my stomach is growling. I'm hungry now!

Our tantalizing spread at the Governor's mansion, if only every meal could be this pretty!
This weekend we will be selling our Jumbo cupcakes at Wearable Arts. Yummy! Nothing better than a soft fluffy cupcake with decadent frosting to float across your lips while enjoying the awesome show!

We have a great team at Abby's Kitchen with the old and the new, and are very excited to welcome Rhonda, Sabrina and Maggie, my new Triple Power Girls! They can bake, frost, dice and chop like no ones business. My boys (that's what I call them no matter how old they are) are feeling outnumbered, but it's fun to jostle up the mix sometimes.

So now publicly I have made a promise to keep up with the blogging. Please feel free to leave comments or questions I can answer about food, recipes, our company--you name it. I look forward to a new year of 2013 blogging!


Your fellow Alaskan Chef, Abby LaForce Roha

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