It's Rough Being an Alaskan

It's Rough Being an Alaskan
King Crab stock with Kaffir Lime & Coriander for Thai Bisque

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A White Wedding

We finished our last wedding of February today and it was definitely a White Wedding!  Everything is covered with wet heavy snow, and the winds are blowing so hard right now you can hear it whistling through our kitchen doors like a horror-house ghost.
Overall, the wedding was a successful and beautiful event with Filipina bridesmaids dressed in shiny turquoise and men in breezy ivory ruffled shirts. The guest tables sparkled with flowers and candles and a heavy whaft of our Thai and Asian fusion food filled the ballroom. Braised pork boneless ribs with fresh pineapple, red chilis and ginger so meltingly tender; longanisa sausage garlic fried rice; my mom's street style hoisin-lime bbq chicken--oh, yummy. The music was a little out-dated I must say, especially when I heard Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" pounding through the room as we set up the deconstructed tiffany blue, sage green and white 4-tier style wedding cake (Vanilla Buttercream, Devil's Food and Vanilla Sourcream Cake).
Today what was funny is when we put the last lot of food into the van, I thought, "wow, that was easy!" But at the same time, "wow," that was boring!" I guess sometimes we get used to kitchen drama and constant, "situations," as I like to put it. For instance, this week we ran out of gas for the ovens right before a slew of events were due, and the same morning the fridge door popped open the night before and we lost a large amount of product and had to start from scratch, and lastly we had to pull off a 100 person event in less than 3 hours. Thankfully, our Head Chef, Tony, solved all the situations and everything was handled but there was a bit of panic and kitchen war-fare! Lesson of the day: don't ever under-estimate the power of an electric hot-plate and the wise kitchen tool of patience.
I'm ending my day with double dark chocolate-toasted walnut cookies, a glass of soy milk and tater-tots for dinner. I use 60% bittersweet chocolate jumbo chips, these cookies taste like a cross between a fudgy brownie and a cookie. They are so damn good! I make no apologies.

Chocolate Walnut Boulders

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